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Unit tests

Initial Build Setup for iOS App

  • Clone the project.

  • Xcode 13 installed.

  • iOS 15 or above.

  • Carthage v0.38.0 installed.

  • Swift Lint v0.44.0 installed.

  • Open a tab on the terminal, go to the inside Stocks folder where Carfile is located, and run:

    carthage bootstrap --platform iOS --use-xcframeworks
  • Open Stocks.xcodeproj.

  • In Xcode, select a device.

  • Build & Run.


  • MVVM
  • Factory Pattern
  • Repository Pattern
  • Delegate Pattern
  • Protocol oriented programming


  • API

  • Keys in the JSON are in the upper case. I think it should be lower case.

    // upper case key
    "Symbol": "A",
    // lower case key
    "symbol": "A",


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