Mackolik – iOS Developer – Test Case

Gökhan Mandacı

28 Oct 2021

I developed a two-page app and a general purpose drop down widget for the Mackolik Test Case.
On the news page, I provided the display of News with the UI given in the case. News are clickable, it opens Safari View Controller with the link in the json response.
On the scores page, I called matches endpoint and presented the data. Matched service is auto-refreshing in every 30 seconds.
Pages have pull to refresh ability. And the news page can be refreshed in the drop down list also.
App doesn’t have a navigation stack. The pages are stand alone and become root with every selection. App works with dark mode. Works ok in the iPad and landscape modes.

  • Developed with Swift language.
  • I used XCode 13.0
  • iPhone and iPad compatible.
  • I developed iOS 15+ compatible. I didn’t support old versions which need adding extra controls, but it is easily adaptable.
  • Developed with MVVM architecture.

‘Moya’ – Networking abstraction layer based over Alamofire
‘Kingfisher’ – Image download and caching
‘SVProgressHUD’ – Loading View
‘CocoaDebug’ – Check network calls in real time.


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