100 Days of SwiftUI log

Table of Contents

Day 1

Variables store values and can be changed multiple times
var is used to declare variables

Constants store values and cannot be changed after the initial assignment
let is used to declare constants

Strings are enclosed with "
Example of multiline string

let multiLineString = """
Here is a multi line string
Notice the opening triple \" and
the closing triple \"

Useful functions for Strings
.hasPrefix() checks to see if the string begins with the passed in arg
.hasSuffix() checks to see if the string ends with the passed in arg

To use variables inside strings use \(variable name)

let age = 32
let taylorSwift = "Taylor Swift is \(age)"

Whole numbers are called Ints

To separte whole numbers consider using _ these will be ignored in Swift so

100_000_000 = 100000000

If using shortcut operators you must declare and initialize before using them.

var doubleCount += 5 // this will throw an error

var doubleCount = 0 
doubleCount += 5 // this will not fail

Decimal Numbers are called Doubles

number types can be changed to another number type but a string cannot change into a number type.