FullDiskAccess is a Swift package designed to simplify the process of querying and prompting for Full Disk Access permission on macOS 10.14 and later versions. This package aims to address the challenges developers face when their macOS applications require access to system files or files belonging to other applications.

Full Disk Access is necessary for non-sandboxed macOS applications that need to access restricted areas of the file system, such as system files or files owned by other applications. Examples of such applications include file backup utilities, system-wide search tools, and other applications that require comprehensive access to the user's disk.

While the lack of clear documentation surrounding Full Disk Access has led to confusion within the developer community, this Swift package aims to provide a streamlined solution. The package's developer has thoroughly tested the behavior across six different macOS virtual machines to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the permission requirements and their nuances across various macOS versions.

FullDiskAccess offers a straightforward API that enables developers to check the current Full Disk Access permission status and prompt users to grant the necessary permissions when required. By encapsulating this functionality within a dedicated package, developers can save time and effort while ensuring their applications comply with macOS security requirements and provide the necessary access required for their intended functionality.