Vision Panes

Vision Panes is an easy-to-use SwiftUI package designed to simplify the process of splitting windows into multiple panes with smooth animations out of the box. This package aims to enhance the user experience of visionOS applications by leveraging the platform's unique infinite canvas feature.

One of the key advantages of visionOS is its ability to display windowed apps with arbitrary sizes, enabling developers to utilize panes more effectively without compromising screen real estate. Apple has implemented this concept in the Messages app, where contact details are displayed in a pane on the trailing edge of the main pane, providing a seamless and space-efficient user experience.

While visionOS offers this functionality, setting up panes can be a complex and challenging task without proper tools. Vision Panes addresses this issue by providing a simple SwiftUI interface, eliminating the need for developers to delve into UIKit for window management and plumbing.

Key features of Vision Panes include:

  1. Easy-to-use SwiftUI API: Vision Panes offers an intuitive SwiftUI interface familiar to most SwiftUI developers, streamlining the development process.
  2. Multiple pane support: Developers can add multiple panes to each of the four edges of a window, enabling flexible and dynamic layouts.
  3. No UIKit required: Vision Panes eliminates the need to work with UIKit, allowing developers to stay within the SwiftUI ecosystem.
  4. Pleasant animations: The package includes pleasant animations for pane transitions, enhancing the overall user experience.

Vision Panes is compatible with visionOS 1.0, Swift 5.10, and Xcode 15.2, making it accessible to developers working on the latest versions of Apple's platforms and tools. The package is available under the permissive MIT License, allowing for free use, modification, and distribution.