Spatial Player

The Spatial Player is an example immersive video player specifically designed for the newly released Apple Vision Pro headset. It was developed by Mike Swanson to address the lack of an official playback solution from Apple for spatial and immersive videos, despite the Vision Pro's capability to play such content.

These spatial videos can be recorded using the iPhone 15 Pro, the Vision Pro itself, or created with Mike Swanson's spatial command-line tool and similar utilities. They are encoded using the MV-HEVC codec and contain a Video Extended Usage box with instructions for proper playback.

However, one month after the Vision Pro's launch, Apple had not provided an obvious method to play these immersive videos in their supported formats. As a result, Mike Swanson developed the Spatial Player as a bare-bones solution to test the output from his command-line tool and video samples shared by interested parties. The player has successfully played up to 12K-per-eye (11520x5760) 360-degree stereo content, although at a low frame rate.