Pure-Swift implementation of a BigNumber library!

This package adds the UBigNumber and BigNumber structures, as unsigned and signed integer types (respectively) with unlimited size. (maybe that’s a bit optimistic, their real size is just however much RAM you’re willing to give them)

How it works

The UBigNumber type

A UBigNumber object is a structure whose only stored properties are an array of unsigned 64 bit integers and a boolean which tells the UBigNumber whether or not it should automatically cleanse itslelf of extraneous leading zeros in order to save memory space. This boolean is toggled internally and should not be manually changed.

The UBigNumber type is in the Little-Endian format, with 64-bit words. For example, the UBigNumber representing 0xDF72EF369932A988091B380F066CB5A3 would be [656179807895991715, 16101194635580451208].

The BigNumber type

The BigNumber type is just the signed version of a UBigNumber, with a sign property of type Int as well as a magnitude of type UBigNumber.

Quick start

BigNumbers (signed and unsigned) can be initilized with integer literals just as you would initialize any other integer type but you must specify that it is a BigNumber.

let a: UBigNumber = 0xD5C4E761D36CA206 // creates unsigned BigNumber with a value of 15,403,691,032,858,894,854
let b: UBigNumber = 42 // creates unsigned BigNmber with a value of 42
let c: BigNumer = -32 // creates a signed BigNymber with a value of -32

Because standard integer literals are not large enough to represent the kind of numbers a BigNumber is meant to hold, the type can also be initialized with a hex string literal. Note: This only works with hexadecimal strings

let a: UBN = "0x688375cdfde058451210410aad6f1739"
let b: UBN = "c1f1295b15e46418d0121eb1abba6c4f" // the '0x' is optional in the string, either way will work

They can also be initialized with an array literal of the array it will contain.

let a: UBN = [0, 1] // creates an unsigned BigNumber with a value of 0x10000000000000000

Note: Initializing a BigNumber (signed version) with a non-signed specific literal type (array, string) will result in a BigNumber that is positive.


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