A Hand Raising Demonstartion, with Agora RTM

This repository is aimed at giving a quick demonstartion on how Agora RTM can be used to manage a scenario where hand raising functionality between audience and host’s is needed.

To Setup

  1. Setup a sample project on the agora console and setup a demo project that makes use of “Use an App ID for authentication” as outlined here

  2. Add a Config.xcconfig with the following info(Read more about config files here), use your app id from step 1 in place of the <Your App Id> below.

//  Config.xcconfig
//  Host Audience
//  Created by shaun on 2/16/22.

// Configuration settings file format documentation can be found at:
// https://help.apple.com/xcode/#/dev745c5c974

AGORA_RTM_ID=<Your App Id>


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