What’s it?

This little tool creates xcframework from SPM packages.


Just pull the package and build from the source with this command: swift build -c release. Then you will find it in .build/release folder. You can download a version from releases page too.

How to use?

To create xcframework for a package run

./spm-to-xcframework YourPackageName --path path_to_your_package --output path_to_output

This will compile and create xcframework from YourPackage and its dependencies. XCFrameworks can be found at path_to_output/Build/xcframeworks folder.

--path: represents the path to spm package. If you omit this current directory is taken.
--output: represents the output path where xcframeworks will be created. If omitted current directory is taken.
--enable-library-evolution: This option enables library evolution for xcframeworks. With this they can be used with future swift compilers.
--platforms ios simulator: Specifies which platforms will be supported by xcframeworks. For now only iphone and iphone simulator supported.


For now only the packages that has swift code supported. Binary packages and objective-c packages are not supported.