This is a music detection iOS app made using the SwiftUI framework that uses ShazamKit to detect music. Once it detects the music, it takes the information about that music to find lyrics for that song using a Lyrics API.

Lyrics API

link for the API:

This is a very simple API to implement. The format is Once ShazamKit returns the metadata for a song, like artist name, title, subtitle, genre, etc., you can use the artist name and title of the song in the link to find lyrics for that song. The API returns a JSON of the form {“lyrics”: “song lyrics here”} that can be easily decoded.

While this works well most of the time, there may be instances when there are multiple artists in a song and the lyrics are not found. Also, multiple artists that are added to the artist name using keywords like “and”, “ft”, “feat”, etc, are not detected with this API. To get around this problem, I remove all these keywords and other artist name from the main artist name, and feed the API only the main artist name. This seems to work well with the few songs I have tested.

Good source to understand ShazamKit


  • This is not a completed project. It may have some errors or bugs.
  • The lyrics API may not work well with lyrics in other languages (not English).
  • This app does not have the functionality to save the lyrics data yet.


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