FlickrImagesDemo is a project that uses the Flickr image search API and shows the results in a 3-column scrollable collection view. 


  • Enter queries such as “kittens” in search bar to search images from Flickr.
  • Use infinite scrolling to automatically requesting and displaying more images when the user scrolls to the bottom of the view. 

  • Use Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Architecture.
  • Use Image caching for the photos displayed in the app to save network and time.
  • Use Storyboard Auto-layout.

About Flickr API

To search images, API endpoint used is:{yourKey}&%20format=json&nojsoncallback=1&safe_search=1&text={yourSearchQuery}

Replace {yourSearchQuery} with search keyword.

Generate your api_key here

More documentation about the search endpoint can be found [here](https://

It returns a JSON object with a list of Flickr photo models. Each Flickr photo model is defined as below:

  "id": "23451156376",
  "owner": "[email protected]",
  "secret": "8983a8ebc7",
  "server": "578",
  "farm": 1,
  "title": "Merry Christmas!",
  "ispublic": 1,
  "isfriend": 0,
  "isfamily": 0

To load the photo, you can build the full URL following this pattern:

Thus, using our Flickr photo model example above, the full URL would be:


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