Quick and dirty native macOS app that will check a website’s sitemap.xml against a new domain.

When you’re developing your new website and want to check if all your previously accessible pages will be availble on your new one, this is the way to go!


Currently supported features:

  • importing a sitemap file, which you can generate at http://www.xml-sitemaps.com for instance
  • cleanup the imported file
  • enter your new website’s temporary domain
  • check the status of all page paths

Planned features, if time permits:

  • localize the app in FR and EN


This is a quickly developed project, as all my projects they are mainly to help me in my day to day tasks and made not be easily usable or extendable by other people. They also may not receive a lot of updates, if they do at all.

You’re free to fork or send PRs for improvements. If you encounter any bug, do report an issue, ideally with a reproducible example, I’ll get on it when I can find the time.


MIT, I guess?


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