WeatherInfo Test App

This is a simple app for displaying weather information.

Data for the app is stored in MongoDB Atlas in the cloud and syncronised using Realm Sync.

When the app initially loads, it checks to see if it is a new user. If it is, it creates UserCity objects for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane against the user’s device. These objects store weather information for citiest that the user has selected.

If the user taps on one of their selected cities, they are taken to a detail page for that city.

If they swipe left on a city, they are presented with the option to delete it.

If the user wants to display weather for a new city, they would click on the “+”. They are then presented with a list of cities to select from.

Areas for improvment

  1. There are few long wait times such as when the list of all cities is initially syncronised to the user’s device. This screen needs a loading indicator and could benefit from possibly seed data as part of the initial app install.
  2. The test suite currently does not run and is incomplete. Testing is not a strong suite (I don’t get a chance to do very much in my current role).


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