MAutoClick for macOS

A simple auto clicker for macOS


This is a project started to study SwiftUI. Because it is a toy project, there are many bugs that could not be found. Please let me know if you find any bugs.


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Be sure to leave any bugs that occur during use in an issue.

Tech Stack

  • Swift
  • Swift UI


  • Can move the mouse cursor location.
  • Click the mouse at the desired location.
  • Delay can be given for each action.
  • You can specify any number of repeats you want.


  • Command + Shift + C = Switch action state between move and click
  • Command + Shift + A = Adds a set action to the list
  • Command + Shift + D = Adds the set delay to the list
  • Command + Shift + S = Start/Stop Features
  • Command + Shift + L = Loop Mode on/off
  • Command + Shift + P = Auto Location on/off


  • Tested on ‘Apple M1 Pro’.
  • Tested on ‘mac os ventura 13.1’.
  • I don’t know how it works on Intel CPUs.
  • I don’t know how it works on older versions of the OS.
  • The distributed dmg was built based on my MacBook.
  • When using Loop Mode, set Delay or remember the shortcut keys.


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