LibP2P Chat App Example (iOS)

An Example iOS App that showcases how libp2p can be used to chat with peers on the same network (LAN).


The app uses mDNS to automatically discover other libp2p peers on the same Local Area Network (LAN). Once discovered, you can begin a message thread with them similar to the Messages app.


It’s an example of how you can integrate swift-libp2p into an iOS App! ?

Try it out

Check it out by cloning this repo, opening in XCode and setting the appropriate developer signing settings, then run it on two devices connected to the same LAN!


Contributions are welcomed! This code is very much a proof of concept. I can guarantee you there’s a better / safer way to accomplish the same results. Any suggestions, improvements, or even just critques, are welcome!

Let’s make this code better together! ?



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