A simplified cron parser


  • Swift 5.5
  • Command line tools

How to Run

  • Create a file locate it in the root of the project (same level as package.swift) with the tast for the cron parser in this format:

30 1 /bin/run_me_daily
45 * /bin/run_me_hourly
* * /bin/run_me_every_minute
* 19 /bin/run_me_sixty_times
  • In the root of the project run the command
    swift run <inputFile> <simulatedTime>

    • inputFile is the file containing the information for the cron parser
    • simulatedTime the simulated time to run the cron parser in format HH:mm
    • Example:
      swift run testFile.txt 16:10


This is my first time creating an executable swift project, so I don’t meet the requirement of running the program using cat input.txt | <how to run your solution> <simulated current time>
If having more time, I would have separated the file reader to its own class to test it properly.


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