General info

SpaceFlight is a simple app built using the MVVM design pattern which reads from
the SpaceFlight API.
SpaceFlight supports both Dark Mode and Light Mode based on the system settings
with the theme accent color of the app being systemRed. The UI was built primarily
using UIKit while some cells were built using SwiftUI. All of the network requests
used URLSession to reduce the dependency of using Cocoapods or any other framework. I
created a custom UIImageView class called CustomImageView which handles the
UIActivityIndicatorView and caches images.

Generated Code

In the first revision of SpaceFlight, I used PostMan to test the API get requests for
the fetchArticles function in the SpaceFlightModelView. I integrated the
generated code from PostMan but have since then completely rewritten the function to
better handle returned errors, invalid responses, and invalid data.

Another part of the generated code I rewritten was the model for Articles. I used to convert JSON objects into Swift Models to
allow for the model to be used as a Codable object. It tends to work well but
usually returns a model object that has too many properties that are not needed. I
have rewritten the model to store the properties of the API that are being used. This
helped clean up the code significantly and reduced the property size of the Article

Unit Testing

Although I am very new to Unit testing, I watched a WWDC video and did my best to
integrate a MockClass that will return expected data. Which would allow for testing
in the Unit Test much cleaner. I created two Mock classes using protocols. One that
tests the SpaceFlight API and the other tests the CustomImageView class.


Project is created with:

  • UIKit
  • SwiftUI
  • URLSession for network requests
  • Space Flight API

Revision Updates

Here is a list of updates I made for this revision:


  • Blocks the main thread while waiting for networking to complete while app appears frozen on a black screen
  • Make sure the app behaves well without a network connection
  • Fix the app hanging while waiting for the network response


  • Make the┬ácode┬ástyle consistent throughout and consistent with the Swift API Design Guidelines
  • Some naming inconsistencies
  • Some whitespace inconsistencies
    • Remove space before an opening parenthesis in function or method declarations and invocations
    • Opening braces should be preceded by a single space
    • Vertical whitespace should be limited to a single empty line.
    • Vertical whitespace should be used consistently in between top level declarations and in between members of those declarations
    • Write a documentation comment for every declaration, following the Swift API Design guidelines
    • Avoid abbreviations
    • Avoid force unwrapping and force casts.
    • Return arrow and return type should be separated by a single space or on a separate line.
    • There should be no space before and only one space after any comma.
    • White space before and after colons should be consistent throughout
    • Lines should not have trailing whitespace.
    • Lines longer than 120 characters should be broken up
    • Follow case conventions. Names of types and protocols are UpperCamelCase. Everything else is lowerCamelCase.
    • // MARK comments, if creating a separator, should include a single space before and after the hyphen
    • Remove duplicate imports
  • No README or top level documentation
  • No loading indicators
  • Print statement should be removed


  • Include some unit tests that do not test the golden path, e.g. error and edge cases
  • Tests are minimal and do not pass
  • Tests rely on the current date
  • Make sure the tests pass, even without a network connection


This project contains no dependencys. Works right out of the box.


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