Player is a simple iOS video player library written in Swift.

Need a different version of Swift?

  • 5.0 - Target your Podfile to the latest release or master
  • 4.2 - Target your Podfile to the swift4.2 branch
  • 4.0 - Target your Podfile to the swift4.0 branch


  • [x] plays local media or streams remote media over HTTP
  • [x] customizable UI and user interaction
  • [x] no size restrictions
  • [x] orientation change support
  • [x] simple API
  • [x] video frame snapshot support

Quick Start

Player is available for installation using the Cocoa dependency manager CocoaPods. Alternatively, you can simply copy the Player.swift file into your Xcode project.

# CocoaPods
pod "Player", "~> 0.13.2"

# Carthage
github "piemonte/Player" ~> 0.13.2


The sample project provides an example of how to integrate Player, otherwise you can follow these steps.

Allocate and add the Player controller to your view hierarchy.

 self.player = Player()
 self.player.playerDelegate = self
 self.player.playbackDelegate = self
 self.player.view.frame = self.view.bounds

 self.player.didMove(toParent: self)

Provide the file path to the resource you would like to play locally or stream. Ensure you're including the file extension.

let videoUrl: URL = // file or http url
self.player.url = videoUrl



Adjust the fill mode for the video, if needed.

 self.player.fillMode = .resizeAspectFit

Display video playback progress, if needed.

extension ViewController: PlayerPlaybackDelegate {

    public func playerPlaybackWillStartFromBeginning(_ player: Player) {

    public func playerPlaybackDidEnd(_ player: Player) {

    public func playerCurrentTimeDidChange(_ player: Player) {
        let fraction = Double(player.currentTime) / Double(player.maximumDuration)
        self._playbackViewController?.setProgress(progress: CGFloat(fraction), animated: true)

    public func playerPlaybackWillLoop(_ player: Player) {
        self. _playbackViewController?.reset()



You can find the docs here. Documentation is generated with jazzy and hosted on GitHub-Pages.




Player is available under the MIT license, see the LICENSE file for more information.