? Coquille

A simple Swift wrapper around Process supporting Swift Concurrency and streamed output from stdout and stderr.


macOS 10.15+


Add Coquille to your project using Xcode (File > Add Packages…) or by adding it to your project’s Package.swift file:

dependencies: [
  .package(url: "https://github.com/alexrozanski/Coquille.git", from: "0.1.0")


Coquille exposes its own Process class which you can interact with to execute commands. Process.run() is an async function so you can just await the exit code:

import Coquille

let process = Process(commandString: "pwd"))
_ = try await process.run() // Prints `pwd` to `stdout`

// Use `command:` for more easily working with variable command-line arguments
let deps = ["numpy", "torch"]
let process = Process(command: .init("python3", arguments: ["-m", "pip", "install"] + deps)))
_ = try await process.run()


By default Process pipes output from the spawned process to stdout and stderr. This can be configured with printStdout and printStderr:

import Coquille

let process = Process(commandString: "brew install wget", printStderr: false))
_ = try await process.run() // Pipes standard output to `stdout` but will not pipe error output to `stderr`

You can also pass an OutputHandler for both stdout and stderr which will stream contents from both:

import Coquille

let process = Process(
  commandString: "swift build",
  stdout: { stdout in
  stderr: { stderr in
_ = try await process.run() // Streams standard and error output to the handlers provided to `stdout:` and `stderr:`

Exit Codes

// `isSuccess` can be used to test the exit code for success
let hasRuby = (try await Process(commandString: "which ruby").run()).isSuccess

// Use `errorCode` to get a nonzero exit code
if let errorCode = (try await Process(commandString: "swift build").run()).errorCode {
  switch errorCode {
    case 127:
      // Command not found


Thanks to Ben Chatelain for their blog post on intercepting stdout, used to implement some of the tests in the test suite.


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