A simple networking library for swift.


The easiest way to fire off a service call is by using the ServiceHelper. For a more customised way of firing off service calls check the URLRequestBuilder section.


Define your service class/struct and ensure it conforms to ServiceHelper:

struct ExampleService: ServiceHelper {
    // 1. Implement the config for the service you want to speak to
    var config: ServiceHelperConfig = .init(
        host: "example.com", // The host of the service
        authorization: .basic("username", "password) // The authorization for the service

Once you have conformed to ServiceHelper you can implement your service specific methods:

struct ExampleService: ServiceHelper {
    // ...
    /// Fires off a GET request to https://example.com/api and returns
    /// a Response object provided no errors occur.
    func getTest() async throws -> Response {
        return try await get(from: "/api")


Description coming soon.


Swervice is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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