DsymDownloader is a simple tool for downloading Dsym archives directly from the App Store via the Connect Api written in Swift.

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    $ git clone https://github.com/Satox163/DSYMDownloader

    Create a configuration file

    –°reate a .toml configuration file:

    issuer_id = "YOUR_issuer_id"
    private_key_id = "YOUR_private_key_id"
    private_key = "YOUR_private_key"
    app_id = "YOUR_app_id"

    It will require data from the App Store Connect, which we will receive in the next step.

    Getting access keys

    To use the tool, you need to get the keys from the App Store Connect Api.

    To get the keys, open the App Store Connect and select the Users and Access tab and select the Keys section.

    Create Api key with developer access level. After downloading the p8 certificate, the issuer_id and the private_key_id will be displayed on the App Store Connect page. Add them to the appropriate sections of the configuration file. Next to this open p8 certificate as text document and copy private_key to configuration file. The app_id of the app is available in the App Store Connect URL when you select a specific app.


    Run the tool using the command specifying valid paths to the configuration file and the folder where dsym will be saved.

    swift run DsymDownloader --configFilePath ../config.toml --outputPath ../Layout


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