Lots of people have the problem of waking up and not feeling refreshed. Some say this is due to waking up during one of the brain’s REM cycles, so there have been some calculators that have been put out that calculate the best times to wake up based on the time that you go to sleep. I have used some of these calculators in the past, but I have never really found a mobile app version of this, so I decided to create one. This is the first app I have built, and it has helped me grow my skillset and knowledge of building mobile apps.

Within this mobile app, there is two screens. On the fist, you are able to input the time you want to go to bed. Then, it directs you to the next page, where you can push a button and get all of the best times for you to wake up. The second screen also provides more information about REM Cycles, what cycles are the best to wake up in, and how early you should head to bed.

Software Demo Video

Development Environment

I used the following to develop this mobile app:

  • XCode – IDE
  • Swift – Language
  • SwiftUI – Framework

Useful Websites

Future Work

  • Make an option to put in a time to go to wake up and see what times to go to bed on the next screen
  • Bounds on the time inputted, so the numbers can only be valid hours/minutes
  • Being able to manipulate the list to where I can show the best cycles visually


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