SwiftUI Jam 2021 – iPad Realtime Calculator

A SwiftUI iPad calculator with realtime activity


  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division keys
  • Realtime results
  • Realtime input – add numbers and see the calculations adjust
  • Backspace key – remove a character in the calculation
  • All clear key – clear out formula and start over
  • Equal sign key allows better view of the current answer by animating it
  • Decimal key allows for non integer values
  • Display adjustment – tap on the display and adjust cursor placement, calculation can be edited
  • And a ? key too, great for winter!

A simple way to see the realtime feature is to calculate “1+2222” then press the “=” button. See the calculation adjust as you type in more digits!

Note – requires iOS 15

This project was created as part of SwiftUIJam November 2021

Any continued work will be located on a repository forked from this one. This was an attempt to make a working calculator for iPad using SwiftUI. A realtime calculation effect adds some uniqeness.


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