TextTransformer ???

Welcome to TextTransformer! This fun little MacOS app lives right in your menu bar and it’s ready to transform your text into a variety of amusing and esoteric styles. It’s like magic, but for text. And with more weird symbols! ?

TextTransformer was created to learn the intrisicasies of the MacOS and the toolbar, but in reality is a cool tool to troll people. ????

Features ?

The app has four core features, which I discovered and learned making it:

  1. ROT13: Want to send a secret message to your friend? Use the ROT13 feature to encrypt your text. Your friend just needs to use the same feature to read it. Top-level espionage, folks! ?️‍♀️

  2. Similar: Transforms regular English characters into visually similar characters from other alphabets. It’s just like those classic “Ransom Note” style messages but without any of the implied threats! ?✂️?

  3. Strike: With this feature, you can strike through your text. Perfect for making a point, or if you’re feeling a bit crossed. ?

  4. Zalgo: Ah, Zalgo, the ultimate text obfuscation. With Zalgo, your text gets a bit… well, chaotic. Letters with accents? Lots of them? Yes, please! Use Zalgo when normal text just doesn’t cut it. Or when you want to make an eldritch horror joke. ??

How to Use ?

Just click on the TextTransformer icon in your menu bar, enter your text in the pop-up window, select your preferred transformation method, and watch the magic happen. Copy the result with the click of a button (which works and doesn’t work even if the code never changed!) It’s that simple. Well, unless you’ve used Zalgo…

Future ?

The future of TextTransformer is unwritten! Maybe it’ll get more text transformation options, maybe it’ll learn new languages, or maybe it’ll gain sentience and begin its journey to take over ChatGPT. Who knows? ?‍♀️??

PLEASE NOTE: the project was made following the “Hacking MacOS of mr. Hudson” in his series ! ?‍?

Enjoy transforming! ????


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