DualBuild is a command line tool for building projects on MacOS and a remote Linux server.


  1. Install the repository

git clone https://github.com/OperatorFoundation/DualBuild.git
  1. Install mint

brew install mint
  1. Add mint to your $PATH

a) nano into paths

sudo nano /etc/paths

b) add this line

  1. Run this command from the directory you wish to build with the IP of the remote Linux server

mint run dualbuild <serverIP>

##Additional flags

–help: list out the other flags and their functions

-i : installs given github repo on remote server

-p : set path to the project directory on the remote server, EXCLUDING PROJECT NAME(defaults to ~)

–xcode: include if you wish to use xcodebuild in favor of swift build

–go: include if you wish to build using the Go programming language

–setdefault: include to set the current settings as the default settings

If you run DualBuild with –setdefault, your current flags are saved to a json file and can be used afterwards by using

mint run dualbuild

without any additional command line flags.


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