A very poorly designed SwiftUI application by some non-CS undergrad students at UCSD.

Katherine Wong & John Adams

Documentation for Understanding Application Files and Functions

View Interactions

NavigationView Structure:

GroupsView {GroupsRowView <- ListViewModel}

ListView {ListRowView <- ListViewModel}


Basic Functionality

  1. Setup
    • Initialize ListViewModel (read/import stored data)
    • Create NavigationView and open GroupsView
  2. GroupsView
    • ScrollView with a NavigationLink to ListView for each group of people (currently only includes family list)
    • Call GroupsRowView(personModel) to display the first 4 members of the ListViewModel
  3. ListView
    • Call ListRowView to build a list of all people in the selected group
      • List object encapsulates people, with .onDelete & .onMove for editing the list of people
    • .navigationBarItems includes NavigationLink to AddView
  4. AddView
    • two strings for and contact personModel.frequency initilized empty
    • create text fields for the two strings
    • ask permission for notification usage
    • add people with listViewModel.addPerson(newPerson: person)


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