A weekly exercise for fruits picker swiftui

What to do?

In out next weekly we are going to go through designing components in SwiftUI. We will follow the best practices and what is recommended by the comunity.


Before the weekly, each of you should take 10 minutes out of a day and do the following prework. It should not take more that 10-15 minutes.

1- clone the project

2- create a new file in root under /solutions with your name

(example /solutions/georges_jamous)

3- duplicate the project under template /template inside the new folder under your name

(example /solutions/georges_jamous/FruitsApp)

4- open your project (/solutions/georges_jamous/FruitsApp) and edit the code under the file FruitsPickerView.swift and commit/push to main.

what should the component do?

We want to create a fruit picker view that will allow the user or developer to pick fruits (one or just many fruits). You have been given a list of fruits already.


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