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Advent Of Code (AoC) 2021

This are my solutions to the Advent Of Code 2021 event. This year I’ve been playing along with timsearle and SFrost007, please check out their solutions if you’re interested.

Project approach

This swift package manager project contains my MacOS command line tool, a framework with all of the logic to solve the puzzles and a test framework to validate against the AoC examples that are given in the puzzle descriptions.

The idea is to use the example problems/solutions provided in the puzzles to do TDD, but sometimes there are no examples that allow TDD.

There’s a config.swift file hidden using git-secret. This is the format of the file:

import Foundation

enum Config {
    static let year = 2021
    // This is the session cookie from your browser after logging in to
    static let session = "[TOKEN]"


To run day 1:

  • Either create a file called day1.txt with your puzzle input, or add your AoC session cookie to the code and it’ll be created automatically
  • Then run swift run AoC 1 in Terminal

Implementation notes

Day 1


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