Aimed to create a next-gen dating application that revolutionises the online dating scenario for Gen-z. The dating app will add the feature of ‘auctioning’ your friends/family on the app, as a fun social component.

App Evaluation

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Mobile: This app would be primarily developed for mobile and could have a desktop component similar to many other social networking apps.
  • Story: Allow individuals to post profiles for a friend or family member. The profile can then be view by other users and then people can bid with points to get a chance to go on a date with that person.
  • Market: This app could be used by anyone over 18 with an emphasis placed on college students.
  • Habit: This app will be used in accordance with what the user sees fit with respect to their relationship status and interest in dating.
  • Scope: The first interation of the app would focus mainly on college students and particularly with Penn State students. It could potentially scale at somepoint to a nationwide or worldwide app experience.

Product Spec

1. User Stories (Required and Optional)

Required Must-have Stories

  • User logs in to access previous chats and preference settings
  • User can view posts from other users with dating profiles.

2. Screen Archetypes

  • Login
  • Register – User signs up or logs into their account
    • If not already logged in with an existing account, this screen will prompt the user to create an account to track posts and messages.
  • Local Post Feed – View posts from other users
    • This screen will show posts made by otehr users containing auctions for other users
    • If interested the user can place a bid inorder to communicate with the person
  • Profile Screen
    • View what posts others have made about you
    • View posts you have made about others
  • Chat Messaging Screen
    • Show chat requests and messages from other users
    • Securely and privately exchange messages with other users
  • Settings Screen
    • Lets people change language, and app notification settings.

3. Navigation

Tab Navigation (Tab to Screen)

  • Feed/Posts
  • Chats
  • Profile
  • Settings

Flow Navigation (Screen to Screen)

  • Forced Log-in -> Account creation if no log in is available
  • Select post -> Jump to large view post
  • Like a post -> Jump to chat with the other user
  • Profile -> Shows users own profile with option to edit
  • Settings -> Toggle settings




Property Type Description
name String Name of person being posted
age Number Age of person being posted
location String location of the person
interests String description of interests
pros+cons String description of pros and cons of person
images File images of person being posted about
liked Boolean field to show if a post is liked or not
instagram String instagram link
facebook String facebook link


Property Type Description
username String Name of person being posted
age Number Age of person being posted
location String description of interests
password String description of pros and cons of person

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