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The bustling hub area that exists outside of the Lands Between. A place to mingle with other adventurerers, craftsmen, resupply and discover a trove of blessings and rooms of secrets. Source

An Elden Ring companion iOS application in SwiftUI. This is built using this perfect API from this repository. I can’t thank Deliton enough who did all the hard work and motivated me to start this app.

What is it?

This is a companion application for the masterpiece of a video game that is Elden Ring. In its complete state (one day) it’ll feature a searchable index of all the items, sorceries, incantations, creatures, etc… from the game, alongside a map with some easy to use tools for notes taking. The ideas is not to spoil, but to help you organize your adventures in this vast open world.


While being a useful app (well not really for now), this is also a good showcase of how I like to buid modern iOS application. We use a variant of this architecture at Medium.

  • Heavy usage of Swift packages.
    • Why? It’s easier to build and tests independant features / parts of the app.
    • A Networking package which wrap the Apollo iOS client into an async / await API.
    • A codegen package which is based on Apollo codegen example, which you can run from the Swift command line to generate all GraphQL models in ApolloModels package.
    • A SharedUI package which contains all the colors and shared components that are reusable across features packages + within the app.
    • Various features oriented packages. (For now only the items feature).
  • Fully in SwitUI.
  • Heavy use of new Swift features like Concurrency.
  • Less is more, how to achieve a good amount of features with the less amount of code possible.

How to use?

For now you just have to clone the repository then build & run the main target.

How to contribute?

At this stage it might be too early, but any contributions is more than welcome!

To generate newly added .graphql file:

cd Modules/ApolloCodegen

swift run ApolloCodegen all


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