An exercise to use a map(google map) for navigation. It have the features of navigating your for a destination, drawing your travel path, calculating your traveled time and traveled distance. You should have a Google Maps Platform API Key to run this app. Check the official document. Google Maps Platform This app is iOS 15.0 and above supported.

How to Run this App

  • run gem install bundler if you don’t have bundler in your environment.
  • run bundle install to install cocoapods and cocoapods-keys, which are specified in Gemfile.
  • run bundle exec pod install to install dependencies specified in Podfile.
  • The firs time your run bundle pod install, you’ll be asked to provide the Google Maps API key , please provide your own Google Maps API Key.
  • open map-navigation.xcworkspace with Xcode, if you run it on simultor, you need to simulate location with xcode debugger.

Steps to Build this App

  • Initialize the project and clone to local.

  • Browse the Google Map SDK document.

  • milestone Download the sdk, and integrate it into this app, show the simplest map.

    • setup google cloud platform, enable billing, enable Google map sdk for ios
    • create API key, secure the API key with App Bundle Identifier restriction and quota limit.
    • use cocoapods to install the GoogleMaps sdk.
    • add API key with cocoapods-keys plugin for obfuscation.
    • integrate GoogleMaps view into the app for the simple usage.
      • get the API key in AppDelegate
      • use UIViewRepresentable to integrate the GMSMapView into SwiftUI
  • Construct the MVVM pattern.

  • Make the map started with locating at the user current location.

  • Add feature that user can tap on the map to select a destination.

  • milestone Add the start button, once it’s clicked, navigate to the destination.

    • Add Alamofire for network request
    • traveled path in real time
  • milestone Summary of the trip

    • A map showing the traveled path
    • Elapsed trip time
    • Total distance traveled
  • Additional features

    • GPS signal loss notification
    • path recalculation


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