OVIA (Oversecured Vulnerable iOS App) is an iOS app that aggregates all the platform’s known and popular security vulnerabilities.

List of vulnerabilities

This section only includes the list of vulnerabilities, without a detailed description or proof of concept. Examples from OVIA will receive detailed examination and analysis on our blog.

  1. Enabled iTunes file sharing allowing to browse and access files from Documents directory in file Info.plist.
  2. Session theft via ovia://deeplink/webview?url=... deeplink.
  3. Overwriting of arbitrary files via ovia://deeplink/save?data=...&name=... deeplink.
  4. Memory corruption via ovia://deeplink/save?data=...&name=...&offset=... deeplink.
  5. HTML injection via ovia://deeplink/alert?message=... deeplink.
  6. Hardcoded AES encryption key and IV in file Crypto.swift.
  7. Enabled (not disabled) caching in NetworkCalls.swift that saved credentials onto the device.
  8. Insecure ATS configuration allowing insecure connections in file Info.plist.
  9. Dumping the cache file to a public storage in file MainViewController.swift.

Licensed under the Simplified BSD License

Copyright (c) 2021, Oversecured Inc


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