This project is an introduction to mobile programming. The goal is to create an application which allows you to get information about 42 students, using an API.


Project requirements

Mandatory Part :

  • Must have at least 2 Views
  • The first view must contain an input text to search 42 logins
  • The second view will display the login informatios
  • Display at least display the profile picture and at least 4 other details (login, email, mobile, level, location, wallet, correction…)
  • Display the skills with level and percentage
  • Display the projects user has done even if he has failed them
  • Must be able to go back to the first view
  • Must use Auto Layout
  • Do not create a token for each query

Bonus :

  • Use of OAuth 2.0
  • Use of custom cells
  • Recreate token at expire date
  • Design
  • ScrollView


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