App for creating a monthly budget – Users can add their pay checks, set amounts for budget categories, compare budget amounts and spending via animated pie charts, and add their transactions

  • This project was completed for a final project, but I have since been working to improve the app in my spare time. In addition, much of the content from this readMe has been copied from my own app proposal I completed for the class. *


Creating a budget is super important for financial well-being, especially in recent years with the pandemic, skyrocketing rent prices, and so many people burdened with student loan debt. This final project will allow users to create a budget each month, submit all their purchases and transactions, as well as visualize and compare their budget distribution and their actual spending.

The app is targeted towards anyone who needs to get their finances in order, especially for millennials and gen Z’ers who are usually the ones faced with high cost of living and crippling student loans. For some people, just hearing the word “budget” is scary and anxiety-inducing, but the main goal of this app is to make it easy for users to see where their money is going.


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