Safari Wallet

This is an experiment to see whether we can build a viable browser extension Ethereum wallet for Safari on macOS and especially iOS.


A diagram might be useful, but basically the current plan/rundown is:

  • The window.ethereum object (EIP-1193 JavaScript API) will be injected into each page. This way, the wallet will automatically work with all apps/dApps that support MetaMask.

  • For the interface, the native Safari extension popover is used, in tandem with the WebExtensions API.

The bulk of the development is currently going on in the Shared (App and Extension) and Shared (App) folders.

It is important to read these files:

  • Shared (App) > Shared (Extension) > Resources >

  • Shared (App) > Shared (Extension) > Resources > ethereum >

  • test-dapp >


Setting up the popover

  1. Open this repo as a project in Xcode

  2. From the menu bar: File > Packages > Update to Latest Package Versions

  3. In the leftmost top bar breadcrumb, which should be on “macOS” by default, switch it to “iOS”

  4. Set the following breadcrumb to a mobile device, perhaps “iPhone 13 Pro”?

  5. Click the play button to start the emulator

  6. Once the emulator has loaded (it might take a few minutes), open the Settings app

  7. Settings > Safari > Extensions > Wallet Extension

  8. Switch to on

Then, to test the popover, navigate to in Safari (or http://localhost:3000/, if you’re running the local dev server)

You can also set up the local dev server here (WIP):


Use your own Alchemy or Infura keys by creating a file called keys.swift in the Shared (App and Extension) directory. The filename is added to .gitignore so won’t be committed.

// Shared (App and Extension)/keys.swift
let alchemyRopstenKey: String = "<YOUR ALCHEMY ROPSTEN KEY HERE"
let alchemyMainnetKey: String = "<YOUR ALCHEMY MAINNET KEY HERE>"
let infuraRopstenKey: String = "<YOUR INFURA ROPSTEN KEY HERE>"
let infuraMainnetKey: String = "<YOUR INFURA MAINNET KEY HERE>"
let covalentKey: String = "<YOUR COVALENT KEY HERE>"


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