A utility to generate PreviewDevice presets from the available devices


  • Manual

Go to the GitHub page for the latest release
Download the swiftuigen.zip file associated with that release
Extract the content of the zip archive in your project directory

  • Homebrew

$ brew tap timberlanelabs/tap
$ brew install swiftuigen


To generate a file containing the preview devices simply run:

swiftuigen previews --output file.swift

Add the file to your project and you can then use them in your SwiftUI previews:

struct MyApp_Previews: PreviewProvider {
    static var previews: some View {

This could be run as part of a build phase if that is desirable, however this could result in some git ‘nosiness’ if different team members have
different devices so it may be more advantageous to only run this periodically as needed.