Last Updated: 09/27/21 00:07:03

What is this?

This is a Swift/Xcode application, with basic unit tests, for which coverage is uploaded to Codecov on a daily basis. It can also serve as an example for how to integrate Codecov into your Swift/Xcode project. If the build is passing for this project, then Codecov's Swift/Xcode report processing is functional and correct on codecov.io.


This application is built in Xcode 11 and uses Swift 5. The UI for this application is built atop SwiftUI. This project includes both unit and ui tests, written with the XCTest framework. These tests are simulated on an iPhone Xʀ running iOS 13. Coverage reports are generated via Slather.

Unit tests: /standard-swiftTests/Test_Index.swift

UI tests:

Slather configuration (.slather.yml):

coverage_service: cobertura_xml
xcodeproj: ./standard-swift.xcodeproj
scheme: standard-swift
output_directory: ./

Travis configuration (.travis.yml):

  - gem install slather
  - xcodebuild -scheme standard-swift -sdk iphonesimulator -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone Xʀ,OS=13.0' build test
  - slather 
  - bash <(curl -s https://codecov.io/bash) -f ./cobertura.xml

Processing Coverage Reports

By default, coverage reports are not generated for Xcode builds. To make sure your Xcode scheme generates coverage reports click on your scheme --> "Edit Scheme" --> "Test" --> check "Gather coverage." Now, coverage reports will automatically be generated for each build.

Errors Processing .xccoverage Files

Xcode generates special .xccoverage files which hold coverage information for each build. These files are not human readable and Codecov may run into errors while parsing these files. To get the relevant information out of these files after your build, it is recommended you use a tool like Slather to generate a coverage.xml file that can then be uploaded to Codecov.

Coverage Inflation

All Xcode projects include separate folders for unit tests and ui tests. In some instances, the files in these folders may arbitrarily inflate the overall coverage percentage reported by Codecov because they are automatically lumped together as a part of the coverage report. If you don't want to include these files, we recommend you use Slather as a part of your workflow to generate coverage reports as it will discard unit/ui test folders from your coverage report. Otherwise, you can choose to exclude these folders via your .codecov.yml through ignore paths.

Reporting Issues

If you've discovered an issue with this repository or with Swift processing in general, it is recommended to email [email protected] rather than post an issue here. This repository will not be checked regularly for open issues.


Contributions are welcome! If you'd like to contribute to this repository, feel free to open a pull request or flag an issue. If you would like to contribute a new lanaguage standard, you can get more information here.