Collection of userful and intersting Xcode 14 Package Plugins

Count Source Lines

Count the line of source code from the whole Swift Package. Supports Swift/Objective-C/C/C++ as well.


➜ swift package plugin count-source-lines
--- Target: XcodePackagePlugins ---
Language: Swift, lines: 6
--- Target: XcodePackagePluginsTests ---
Language: Swift, lines: 11

Example on SDWebImageSwiftUI

➜ swift package plugin count-source-lines
--- Target: SDWebImageSwiftUI ---
Language: Swift, lines: 2286
--- Target: SDWebImage ---
Language: C/C++ Header, lines: 7551
Language: Objective-C, lines: 13344

Regenerate Contributors List

Regenerate the list of all contributors into current package, write into the CONTRIBUTORS.txt file.


➜  swift package plugin --allow-writing-to-package-directory regenerate-contributors-list
Writing 1 contributors to /Users/lizhuoli/Documents/GitHub/XcodePackagePlugins/CONTRIBUTORS.txt
# This file contains a list of people who have made code contributions.

- DreamPiggy <[email protected]>

# Do not edit this file by hand. Its contents are created by a package
# Plugin that uses Git history to contruct the list.


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