Shell ⌘

Command line utilities for scripting with swift and swift-sh

Note: Tested on macOS, building on iOS

Installing swift-sh

$ brew install swift-sh

Using Shell ⇢

#!/usr/bin/swift sh
import Shell // neutralradiance/shell

let str = "Hello World!"
echo(str, color: .green, style: .bold)

Example script to check if certain file or folders exist ⏎

#!/usr/bin/swift sh
import Shell // neutralradiance/shell

guard arguments.notEmpty else {
 exit(1, "expected at least one input path")

help =
 checks whether or not a folder or file exists
 usage: exists [flags] [locations]
 -d directory, all locations must be directories (doesn't seem to work)
 -f file, all locations must be files
 returns: true or false

var requireFolder = false
var requireFile = false

arguments.removeAll(where: { argument in
 if argument.hasPrefix("-") {
  switch argument.dropFirst() {
  case "h", "help": exit()
  case "d", "directory":
   requireFolder = true
   return true
  case "f", "file":
   requireFile = true
   return true
  default: return false
 } else { return false }

let files = FileManager.default
 arguments.allSatisfy {
  var isFolder: ObjCBool = false
  guard files.fileExists(atPath: $0, isDirectory: &isFolder) else { return false }
   requireFolder ? isFolder.boolValue :
   requireFile ? !isFolder.boolValue : true


  • mxcl for creating swift-sh and chalk
  • Files for making it easier to handle files in scripts


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