Commands providing shortcuts to common Postgres introspection queries. This package is a port of heroku-pg-extras.

Most of the commands have been ported, except for a few that need special database configuration or where it’s unclear how to port them.


Via mint:

mint install finestructure/swift-pg-extras

Or clone the repository and run/install it like any other Swift command line utility.

How to run

Get a list of all available commands:

pg-extras --help

Example command:

pg-extras cache-hit -c .credentials
| Name           | Ratio               |
| index hit rate | 0.9993522581171029  |
| table hit rate | 0.9993522581171029  |

where .credentials containes your Postgres database connection details:

    "host": "localhost",
    "port": 5432,
    "username": "foo",
    "database": "bar",
    "password": "pass"

The credentials file supports an optional field tls to disable or require TLS:

    "tls": "require"

Available commands

  • bloat
  • blocking
  • cache-hit
  • calls
    • requires create extension pg_stat_statements and loading pg_stat_statements via shared_preload_libraries
  • extensions
    • ERROR: unrecognized configuration parameter "extwlist.extensions"
  • fdwsql
    • looks like it requires postgres_fdw setup
  • index-size
  • index-usage
  • locks
  • long-running-queries
  • mandelbrot
    • gimmick
  • records-rank
  • seq-scans
  • table-indexes-size
  • table-size
  • total-index-size
  • total-table-size
  • outliers
    • requires create extension pg_stat_statements and loading pg_stat_statements via shared_preload_libraries
  • unused-indexes
  • user-connections
    • unsure how this works in the original, no SQL in command
  • vacuum-stats

Why port it to Swift?

The original project requires heroku to be installed and I’ve found one other project that makes it independent to it can be installed with npm.

My setup doesn’t include running JavaScript tools, so having a Swift binary around is much easier for me personally and I suspect this might be true for others as well.

Moreover, I think there could be ways this package could become a module (via a vapor-pg-extras package that uses it) that you load into a Vapor project such that you can get more detailed performance metrics about your Postgres database automatically. For that it is useful to have a base module as a Swift package.


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