Welcome to the Bidone iOS Coding Test!


Create a simple application with the list of orders from viewModel and display them in a list. When a user selects a order they will be shown a second screen that will display a more detailed view of the order with view of products.

We have given you some code over here to start with. Please clone/fork this repository.


  • Consume the orders data from the viewModel
  • Display data in a sorted list
  • Open a detailed view when user selects a list item


Please commit frequently to communicate your throughts while working on this assignment.

What is valued

  • Best practice design patterns
  • Clean Code

Nice to have (If you have time)

  • Unit and UI Tests
  • Calculate how much GST was paid on each order. GST is 15%. It is up to you to choose the most appropriate place to display GST


Try not to spend more than 4 hours on this. You are not necessarily expected to do everything in this assignment because of the short duration.


  • Native iOS frameworks only (no Flutter sorry)
  • Use whatever libraries you are comfortable with


View Github