Voice Notifications

Create notifications for your iPhone that play a short message in your own voice sent at a time of your choosing.

Time spent: 10 hours spent in total

User Stories

The following functionality is completed:

  • First time user sees a welcome message
  • User asked for permission to use microphone and notifications
  • User directed to settings if permission was previously denied
  • User can set notification to be sent after chosen amount of time
  • User recieves notification after a set amount time

Features in development:

  • User can record voice clip (30 seconds or less)
  • User can play voice clip
  • User can re-record voice clip
  • User hears own voice when notification received

Future Features:

  • User can set title for notification
  • User can set message for notification
  • User can have more than one notification set at a time
  • User can view list of notifications
  • User can remove a scheduled notification
  • User can set notification for a date/time
  • User can view voice clips as images
  • User can edit voice clips
  • User can set recurring notifications


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