DermoPico Projects for iOS platform

Project Plan Description
Architecture MVVM
iOS 12.0+

This repo consists of three iOS projects: DermoPico Hair, DermoPico Skin and Juno. In order to speed up work and app optimzation, we created a single source to reuse on different projects. All projects use shared codes and string files (localizable). We control repo via Swift Packages. There are Swift Packages: DermoPico (it consists of two targets) and DermoPicoNetwork.

DermoPico Skin

A new professional system for measurement, cosmetic treatment, and recommendation of skin products.

DermoPico Skin is the most advanced range of measuring equipment, which offers fast, tailored service, catering to each customer’s needs. It automatically carries out a complete diagnosis of the main parameters: moisture, pores, wrinkles, acne, and skin.

The DermoPico system uses a single device with built-in lenses. You use the DermoPico Skin sensor on its own and do not need to switch any accessories. That makes the analysis process more convenient and as fast as possible. The system also tells you the course of treatment and products that may work best for each customer based on their analysis results.


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