Display power consumption on Apple Silicon Macs

PowerMetrix is a small app that displays Apple Silicon SOC power consumption and memory bandwidth. It runs as a menulet in macOS menu bar. The icon displays current package consumption. Click the icon to display main window where consuption history and bandwidth memory is displayed and updated in real time every second.

When running PowerMetrix for the first time you will be asked to install its privileged helper tool. This is needed because Powermetrix is basically a GUI frontend for the macOS built-in /usr/bin/powermetrics tool, which requires root privileges to run.

Known issues: sometime when you install PowerMetrix for the first time the interface in not updated and appears stuck. Simply quit PowerMetrix from the “Gear” menu in PowerMetrix window, then restart PowerMetrix.

System Requirements: This release of PowerMetrix requires an Apple Silicon Mac running macOS 12 Monterey. Intel Macs are not and will not be supported.


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