DivKit ? is an open source Server-Driven UI (SDUI) framework. SDUI is a an emerging technique that leverage the server to build the user interfaces of their mobile apps.

DivKit is a good choice to start using the Server-Driven UI in your project because it can be easily integrated as a simple view in any place of your app. At the start point, you do not need a server integration. You can include all JSON on the client-side to try it in a real world application.

We’ve made a sandbox for you to experiment with. The DivKit Web engine is connected to it, but you can also download iOS/Android app demos from stores and link them to the sandbox. The data will be updated live: the sandbox connects to the playground app via web sockets.

Documentation. Medium tutorial. Habr tutorial.

Telegram: News | English-speaking chat | Чат на русском.


Project structure:


Client side libraries for rendering UI on Android, iOS and Web.

Android, iOS, Web


Server side libraries for building JSON in DivKit format.

TypeScript, Kotlin


JSON schema that describes DivKit data format.

Api Generator

Used for generating general Api for all platforms from Schema.

Test data

Samples and test data.


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