? Bee

Draw Xcode targets and dependencies tree.


USAGE: bee [--path <path>] [--root <root>] [--contains <contains> ...] [--exclude <exclude> ...] [--depth <depth>]

  -p, --path <path>          Project path.
  -r, --root <root>          Select tree root.
  -c, --contains <contains>  Sequence of searching words.
  -e, --exclude <exclude>    Sequence of words for exclude.
  -d, --depth <depth>        Tree depth.
  --version                  Show the version.
  -h, --help                 Show help information.

Quick start with Mint ?

brew install mint
mint install swiftyfinch/bee

# Now on Mint 0.17.0 you'll need to add ~/.mint/bin to your $PATH
# For example, add this to your ~/.zshrc file and relaunch terminal
export PATH=$HOME/.mint/bin:$PATH

Watch ? installation demo
It’s from my another project, but the idea is the pretty same.


Vyacheslav Khorkov
Twitter: @SwiftyFinch
Blog: swiftyfinch.github.io
Feel free to contact me ?