Exports all statements for your Apple Card (or any other card where PassKitCore supports exports) to qfx files for mass import. Supports date ranges under the hood, will expose via a proper CLI in the future (next time I need to export :P)

If you can use AMFITrustedKeys, my certDigest is MnmLHzvxdg25/I5+IRT9TwTAAe4+vwQqF4UPRgJViYY= – the binaries in the release section are signed with my self-trusted CA.


# Prints the debug descriptions of all PKAccounts visible to the process
pkquicken accounts list
# Prints the debug descriptions of all PKCreditAccountStatements visible to the process, either for a given account or for all accounts
pkquicken statements list [account-identifier]
# Exports statements using the specified parameters, to ~/Documents/PKQuicken/
pkquicken statements export <account-identifier> [--format qfx|qix|pdf|whatever] [--after statement-id]


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