Project Title

iPhone IP Spoofer for Real Devices.


IP, or internet protocol, is a string of numbers that identifies your iPhone, iPad, or whatever device you’re using to browse the internet.

You probably don’t need to worry about your IP address
too often, but if you ever need to change it to protect your privacy, help resolve Wi-Fi connectivity issues, or access content that’s only available in other countries, it can be done in just a few steps.

Getting Started


  • iPhone device.
  • iPhone cable.
  • Download and Install Xcode.
  • macOS.


 <wpt lat="25.252208473472418" lon="55.33279196882006"><name>EgyptSpoofing</name>

Executing program

  • Plug your iPhone cable with the device.
  • Choose your device in Xcode.
  • Run the project.
  • Simulate Location from Xcode.

Choose Egypt Spoofing which refer to EgyptSpoofing.gpx file


Xcode “Device Locked” When iPhone is unlocked

Xcode cannot launch the app because the device is locked

Xcode 12.4 “Unsupported OS version” after iPhone iOS update 14.7

Device Support files (iOS 14) for Xcode11 [closed]


Contributors names and contact info:

Ebrahim Mostafa


Version History


This project is licensed under the [Ebrahim Mostafa] License – see the file for details


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