Star Wars Planets

Fetch the star wars planet data by using stat war api, list and show details using SwiftUI and Combine frameworks

? Swift UI Framework (First party)

Swift UI is using declarative syntax, there for any developer can easily understand the code base compare with previous frameworks (eg: UIKit). Also as a SSOT (Single source of truth) maintian framework swift UI help developer to maintain and ease enhace to the code parts.

? Combine Framework (First party)

Combine is apple thereself developed subscriber driven ractive(observable) framework. Good perfomance (The framework not depend on fundation type, rather at a lower level), Easily work with SwiftUI, easy read and maintain are benefit of the framework.

? Application flow

  1. The planet list fetch by using URLSession api and make service to handle async server calls.
  2. SwiftUI List listen publisher to via ObservableObject protocol.
  3. Models folder keep all the necessary models.
  4. Services folder keep all the necessary service implementations.
  5. Components folder keep all custom components.

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