For tryharding Wordle without cheating | Swift PlaygroundBook

I used to brute-force all possible combinations by hand when both enough green/yellow letters are uncovered and I still have no idea what’s going on. Then I decided to write some code to automate this process.


Important: Swift Playgrounds is required to run this PlaygroundBook

Initial Setup

Create an instance of Permuter with its only initializer (no arguments)

Adding Letters

  • Use .addGreen(letter:at:) to add a letter marked green

  • Use .addYellow(letter:at:) to add a letter marked yellow

Important: the at: parameter is indexed from 0, not 1

Note: errors will be thrown when the letters you add conflict with each other logically

Run Permutations

.permute() returns the result String

Sample Output

Setup code:

// overall: ?⬛??⬛
// I: ⬛⬛??⬛
// T: ?⬛⬛⬛⬛
// R: ⬛⬛?⬛⬛
let permuter = Permuter()
permuter.addYellow(letter: "I", at: 2)
permuter.addYellow(letter: "I", at: 3)
permuter.addYellow(letter: "T", at: 0)
permuter.addGreen(letter: "R", at: 2)


_ _ R T I 
_ T R _ I 
_ T R T I 
_ I R _ T 
_ I R T _ 
_ I R T T 
_ I R T I 
I _ R _ T 
I _ R T _ 
I _ R T T 
I _ R T I 
I T R _ _ 
I T R _ T 
I T R _ I 
I T R T _ 
I T R T T 
I T R T I 
I I R _ T 
I I R T _ 
I I R T T 
I I R T I 

Future development

New features may or may not be added in the future.


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